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Silverton 453-MOTOR-YACHT - main image

2000 Silverton 453 Motor Yacht

location icon Pensacola, Florida
Year 2000
Length 47'3 ft

453 Silverton MY 2000


Year Built 2000
Category Power
Length Overall 47'3 ft
Beam 15'4 ft
Max Draft 4 ft
Cabin Headroom 6'7 ft
Construction Fiberglass
Hull ID SILV0453I820
Deadrise Angle 13 deg
Drive Type Direct
Engines 2
Total Engine Power 840 hp
Fuel Tank Cap. 500 gal
Water Tank Cap. 210 gal
Holding Tank Cap. 66 gal
Dry Weight 35530 lb
Bridge Clearance 19'5 ft

Engine 1 Specifications

Make: Caterpillar
Model: 3126
Fuel: Diesel
Engine Power: 420hp
Type: Inboard
Propeller Type: 3 BladeBronze
Engine Location: Port
Drive Type: Direct
Year: 2000
Engine Hours: 1,019

Engine 2 Specifications

Make: Caterpillar
Model: 3126
Fuel: Diesel
Engine Power: 420hp
Type: Inboard
Propeller Type: 3 BladeBronze
Engine Location: Starboard
Year: 2000
Engine Hours: 1,019
Additional Information


Including but not limited to the following since 2019 as noted during survey: 

  • • Flybridge & aft deck enclosures replaced
  • • Teak pattern foam overlay installed on flybridge & aft decks 
  • • Bow thruster motor appears new 
  • • House/engine starting batteries replaced 

Exterior soft goods 

Condition/appearance: above average Wear & tear: not significant Serviceable: yes 

Location & type (installed at time of survey): 

  • Foredeck seat cushions (vinyl skins) 
  • Foredeck seat cover (canvass) 
  • Main cabin windshield cover (Textilene® screen) 
  • Flybridge & aft deck enclosures (vinyl & Strataglass® or similar) 
  • Flybridge & aft deck overlay (Teak pattern Seadek® or similar) 

Exterior hardware 

Condition/appearance: above average Anchoring & bedding appeared adequate: yes 

Location & type: 

  • Flybridge hard-top (composite shade on aluminum frame) 
  • Aft deck hard-top (molded fiberglass on aluminum frame) 
  • Safety rails & handrails (welded stainless-steel) 
  • Aft deck dodger (molded fiberglass) 

Bow thruster 

Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: none 

  • Manufacturer/model – Max Power CT80 
  • Type – 7 ¼” 12-volt twin prop tunnel type 
  • Location – below sole forward lower cabin forward end 
  • Service disconnect – engine room forward bulkhead & adjacent to thruster (manual switch) 
  • Overcurrent protection – engine room forward bulkhead & adjacent to thruster (fuse) 
  • Test performed – operated port & stbd several times 

Underwater gear 

Condition/appearance: above average 

  • Propellers – 30” x 28” 4-blade bronze alloy 
  • Shafting – 2” stainless-steel 
  • Shaft support – 2 x bronze I-type each side 
  • Bearings – rubber Cutless® type 
  • Shaft log – integral fiberglass, bronze thru-hull 
  •  Shaft seal – PSS® self-aligning dripless type 


Rudders & linkages 

Condition/appearance: average or better 

  • Rudder description – cast bronze spade, stainless-steel stock 
  • Thru-hull seal – Tides Marine® dripless type 
  • Supports – rudder port, plywood table & bronze retaining collar 
  • Linkages – bronze tillers & clevises, stainless-steel tie-bar 
  • Steering components – bronze hydraulic cylinder 
  • Emergency tiller – n/a 
  • Test performed – examined for damage, excessive wear & leakage 
  • Spare seals are installed on rudder shafts. 

Trim tabs 

Condition/appearance: average or better 

  • Manufacturer – Bennett Marine 
  • Type – 12-volt electric hydraulic 
  • Controls – dual rocker switches 
  • Pump – inside aft stateroom berth at stern 
  • Planes – 30” wide x 11 ½” hinged stainless-steel, double actuators 
  • Test performed – vessel trim & running angle adjusted while underway 


Interior spaces 

Bulkheads, partitions, and cabinetry found to be solid and in good condition, locker and cabinet doors and drawers found to be in above average condition and working order. Interior décor was found to be in overall average or better condition with normal age-related wear and tear descriptions as follows: 

  • Doors – hinged & sliding 
  • Decks – wood pattern synthetic at galley and in heads, carpeted elsewhere 
  • Cabinetry – cherry veneer 
  • Bulkheads and partitions – cherry veneer & vinyl 
  • Ceilings – vinyl headlinings 
  • Counters – cut composite at galley & in heads, cherry veneer elsewhere 
  • Cushions – vinyl skins 
  • Natural ventilation – opening appliances 
  • Powered ventilation – head enclosures 
  • Fixtures – serviceable 
  • Test performed – operated doors, drawers & fixtures

Condition/appearance: average 


  • Forward stateroom – TV/VHS (Philips 13”) 
  • Mid-stateroom – TV (LG 29”) 
    •  Main cabin: o Stereo (JVC RX-778V) 
    •  CD changer (JVC XL-FZ158) 
    •  Blu-Ray disc (Sony BDP-S6700) 
    •  Aft stateroom – TV (Insignia 24”) 
    •  Aft deck – TV (TCL32”) 
    •  Flybridge: o Stereo (JVC KD-S580) 
    •  XM radio 

Galley & household equipment 

Condition/appearance: average or better 

  •  Range & oven (Force 10 4-burner electric) 
  •  Microwave (Frigidaire 1100W) 
  •  Sink (double composite) 
  •  Refrigerator (Kitchenaid KURS24RSBS03) 
  •  Refrigerator (Kitchenaid KURS24LSBS03) 
  •  Aft deck wet bar: o Sink (single composite) 
  •  Icemaker (U-Line ULN-WH95TP-03) 

Sanitary system 

Condition/appearance: above average 


  • Quantity - two 
  • Manufacturer – Sealand Vacuflush 
  • Type – 12-volt marine toilets, freshwater rinse 
  • Y-valves (direct overboard discharge) – none 
  • Vented loops (if required) – n/a 
  • Test performed – both flushed several times during survey 


Condition/appearance: average or better Function: normal 


  • Quantity - six 
  • Manufacturer – flybridge & aft deck (Cruisair), hull interior (Marine Air Systems) 
  • Type – self-contained & split type heat pump 
  • Controls – flybridge & aft deck (SMXir), hull interior (Passport) 
  • Equipment – engine room aft end stbd outboard side (2 x condensing units) 
  • Cooling pump – engine room aft end (2 x AC electric centrifugal) 
  • Test performed – all units operated on heat & cool programs, Delta-T measured 


(Capacities listed in this section are based upon published specifications for this model unless stated otherwise. Accuracy of tank level monitors should be verified prior to relying upon their readings.) 


Found the following to be in above average condition without significant corrosion or evidence of leakage to level filled where accessible for inspection: 

  • Tanks – 486-gallon capacity contained in two aluminum tanks secured outboard of the main engines 
  •  Fills – transom corners 
  •  Vents – hull sides 
  •  Plumbing materials – USCG Type-A hose 
    • Shut-off valves: o Main engines – tank outlets 
    • AC generator – aft stateroom forward port side closet 
    • Filters: o Main engines – engine room aft centerline (Racor 900 each engine) 
    •  AC generator – engine room aft stbd side (Racor 500) 
    •  Level gauges – helm instrument panel 

Potable water 

Found the following to be in above average condition without evidence of leakage to level filled where accessible for inspection: 

  • Tanks – 190-gallon capacity contained in two plastic tanks secured inside middle stateroom berth 
  • Fills – stbd side deck by sliding door 
  • Vents – hull side 
  • Plumbing materials – plastic tubing 
  • Shut-off valves – not found 
  • Filters – not found 
  • Pressure pump – engine room forward port outboard side (Jabsco VFLO 5.0 42755-0092) 
  • Accumulator tank – not found 
  • Water heater – forward head enclosure overhead (Atwood E20 [19.5-gallon, 120-volt]) 
  • Dock water inlet – inside transom locker 
  • Level gauges – not found 
  • Test performed – verified hot water 

Black water 

Found the following to be in above average condition without evidence of leakage to level filled where accessible for inspection: 

  • Tanks – 69-gallon capacity contained in one plastic tank secured inside aft berth 
  • Deck fitting – port transom corner 
  • Vents – hull side 
  • Plumbing materials – PVC hose 
  • Y-valves – none 
  • Overboard valve – engine room aft port side 
  • Discharge pump – engine room aft end port side (Sealand 12-volt diaphragm type) 
  • Vented loop (if required) – none installed (leave seacock closed except when pumping) 
  • Treatment device – none 
  • Level gauges – not found 
  • Test performed – examined for evidence of leakage and verified discharge pump runs 



Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: none 

  • Location - amidships 
  • Type/description – diesel 4-cycle 6-cylinder turbocharged aftercooled 
  • Cooling system – closed loop freshwater, raw-water cooled heat exchanger 
  • Power transmission – close coupled straight-drive 
  • Mounting: o Foundations – hull stringers 
  • Beds – continuous welded steel 
  • Mounts – adjustable vibration isolator type 
  • Cleanliness – above average 

Exhaust systems 

Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: none 

  • Exhaust manifolds – freshwater cooled steel 
  • Mixing elbows – raw-water cooled cast bronze 
  • Exhaust fittings - none 
  • Muffler – engine room aft outboard sides (can shaped fiberglass) 
  • Exhaust outlet – hull sides at stern (stainless-steel thru-hull) 
  • Straight runs – fiberglass pipe & black rubber hose 
  • Connecting hoses – black rubber hose 
  • Hose connection clamps – double stainless-steel 

Engine ventilation 

Condition/appearance: above average

Location & type: 

  • Thru-hull vents – hull sides amidships 
  • Powered – 2 x DC blowers 
  • Test performed – operated blowers 



Condition/appearance: average or better Descriptions (windlass located at foredeck unless noted otherwise): 

  • Manufacturer/model – Simpson Lawrence Sprint 1500 
  • Type – 12-volt vertical 
  • Control locations – foredeck & helm 
  • Battery service-disconnect – main battery switch 
  • Clutch lever location – flybridge stbd step locker 


Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: none 


  • Deck storage box – swim platform (molded fiberglass) 
  • Shore cord reel – transom stbd side (Glendinning 240-volt, 50-amp) 
  • Oil changer – engine room centerline (Oil X-Change-R) 
  • Spare propellers – middle stateroom berth (28” x 26” 4-blade bronze alloy) 
  • Test performed – verified function of oil changer & shore cord reel 

AC electrical system 

Condition/appearance: above average 

Locations & descriptions of significant components: 

  • Voltage – 240 & 120 
  • Inlet types & locations – transom stbd side locker 
  • Inlet circuit protection location (within ten feet unless noted otherwise) – adjacent to inlet 
    • Main panel: o Location – main cabin forward end port side 
    • Instrumentation – voltmeter & ammeter 
    • Source selector switches – toggle with interlock 
    • Reverse polarity indicator – n/a 
    • Condition of shore cord – average or better 
    • Condition of shore cord inlet – n/a (hard-wired to hull) 
    • GFCI protection – yes 
    • Tests and examinations: o Shoreline output - normal 
    • Generator output - normal 
    • Inverter output – n/a 
    • AC/DC grounding connection – yes 
    • AC current leakage (<30ma desired) - yes 

DC electrical system 

Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: none 

Locations & descriptions of significant components: 

  • Voltage - 12 
  • Panel locations – main cabin forward end port side 
  • Panel instrumentation – volt & amp meters 
  • Branch circuit protection – breakers (fuses inside cabinet) 
  • Main disconnect switch – engine room forward bulkhead (manual switch) 
  • Primary circuit protection – engine room forward bulkhead (breakers) 
  • Test performed – various DC equipment operated 

Alternating current generators 

Condition/appearance: average 


  • Kohler Model 13.5CCOZ 13.5kw with 1,300hrs
  • Engine type – diesel 4-cycle 3-cylinder naturally aspirated 
  • AC generator mounting – close coupled 
  • Location – engine room aft centerline (service side below aft stateroom stairs) 
  • Circuit protection: o Generator – yes 
  • Main panel – yes 
  • Accessories – drip pan, sound shield & remote starting/stopping 
  • Fuel, exhaust, cooling water and electrical connections – serviceable 

Storage batteries 

Condition/appearance: above average Exceptions noted: yes (see summary remarks & notes) 

  • Batteries – AGM types located as follows: o Bow thruster – forward lower cabin forward end below sole (Optima 31M Blue Top) 
  • Engine starting/house – engine room forward end (4 x Odyssey ODX-AGM31R) 
  • Disconnects – adjacent to bow thruster battery, engine room forward bulkhead & below main electrical panel 


Condition/appearance: average 

  • Magnetic compass (Ritchie Powerdamp) 
  • Searchlight remote control (ACR) 
  • Chart plotter, sounder & radar (Garmin GPSmap 4210) 
  • Digital data display (Raytheon Tridata ST60) 
  • Autopilot (Raytheon ST7000+) 
  • Video camera aft & engine room (Pyle) 
  • Chart plotter & sounder (Garmin GPSmap 7610xsv) 
  • VHF (Icom IC-M504) 
  • Test performed – operated all equipment 


Fire safety equipment 

Equipment types and quantities USCG compliant yes (due for service): 

  • Fixed – engine room aft end (Sea-Fire SMA-500) 
  • Fixed fire system indicator – helm console 
  • Fixed fire system manual activator – helm console 
  • Portable handheld USCG Approved Sizes located as follows – (indicated fully charged): o Mid-stateroom (2.5-lb.) 
  • Main cabin (2.5-lb.) 
  • Galley (1.4-lb. Halotron) 
  • Aft deck cabinet (2.5-lb.) 
  • Flybridge (2.5-lb)
Manufacturer Provided Description

The distinctive profile of the Silverton 453 Motor Yacht accentuates the innovative approach to providing a very spacious interior volume, without sacrificing exterior livability. Three full staterooms in a split plan offers complete owner privacy, and extensive guest or family quarters, complete with two heads - the owners' even has a tub. The interior is finished in rich fabrics and warm cherry woods, and is equipped with a stereo and television. Top of the line appliances are strategically placed in the Corian-covered galley. The chef has all the storage and space needed to cook for the family. Above, the enlarged flybridge is reached from the innovative “SideWalk” bridge steps. Plenty of seating for all the crew is available, and space for mounting electronics is extensive. Excellent visibility enhances maneuvering, and a few steps down brings passengers to the enclosed aft deck. The aft deck is perfect for entertaining with its full wetbar, and direct access to both the main salon and aft swim platform.

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.
Additional Contact Information
Contact Emile Petro at 850-525-7476